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Prospect & Flourish, Fourth Edition | Keith F. Luscher

Dear Fellow Business Professional:

The Number One Cause of FAILURE for Sales Professionals and Job Seekers is Lack of Prospects.

buyprospectandflourishAs a result, I have confronted this elusive topic head-on, through an intense, peer-reviewed book on prospecting. The result: Prospect & Flourish: How to Conquer the “Weakest Link” in the Sales Process.

This book is a Guide for Sales Professionals and Job Seekers alike!

Originally created for and presently in use in the insurance industry, I have now adapted the material to serve the wider spectrum of sales professionals and job seekers. I am proud to now release Prospect & Flourish—in an ALL NEW FOURTH EDITION, revised and updated with three bonus sections for business-to-business sales professionals, an expanded guide on PROSPECTING with Social Media.

Most significantly, it includes an expanded section on The Wedge–an eight step strategy for B2B sales professionals and job seekers to getting their foot in the door where they don’t otherwise have a connection.

Prospect & Flourish is an awesome book and a tremendous program! ‘The Wedge’ is, by far, the best assembled and explained prospecting strategy I have ever seen. This specific strategy addresses the #1 concern of sales professionals.” — Kim Gerhart, Managing Partner, Bayside Consultants

mark-palmer“We have used Keith for a number of marketing related projects. He has been helpful in strategic discussions on how best to prospect and market our services to our target audience. Keith has good business instincts. We have always felt that with Keith we have received more for our money than we expected to get.” —Mark Palmer, JD, The Joseph Group Capital Management

Selling is Easy. But Prospecting…?

In truth, selling is anything but easy. But selling takes hard work—and it requires a real professional who
understands that the only true way he or she can succeed (i.e. a growing income that fuels personal, professional and financial growth) is to first create value for the client or employer.

For professionals who understand this, have practiced it and do what they do from the heart, selling is
easier! It is more natural—it is the result of forming relationships.

Yet, prospecting continues to be the weakest link in the sales cycle. Most often, what will make or break a career relies first on one’s ability to prospect, and do so on a regular basis.

“I’ve been in sales and business for more than thirty years. Luscher’s step-by-step, proactive approach to generating referrals alone makes Prospect & Flourish highly worthy of its modest investment.” —Wayne Booker, Vice President at Gottesman Company

This is NOT about Sales. Prospect & Flourish is ALL about PROSPECTING.

There is plenty of information out there on how to “sell.” Some of it is better than others. But to truly flourish, you must first prospect. Everyone has to prospect. Most people hate to do it, and we believe that the five most common reasons why salespeople don’t prospect enough are:

  • They don’t understand the value of what they are selling
  • They have a fear of rejection
  • They don’t know exactly what to do or how to do it
  • They are not motivated
  • They have a personal difficulty to overcome

And yet, in most sales education and training resources, prospecting gets mere lip service. In some work cultures, you know how sales people were told to prospect? They were given a phone book! Indeed, you have plenty of resources and options at your disposal to learn more about “selling”—but there is not enough out there to help sales people confront their fears and overcome their personal challenges when it comes to prospecting.

So, it is about sales, but it isn’t. This is all about learning to keep your pipeline full. This is all about prospecting.

dempster“Prospect and Flourish! This is also a book title from Keith Luscher that I recommend for new and old. His approach is straight forward and ties together a lot of things we get comfortable with over time and stop doing.”—Fred Dempster, HIT / IS Project Management, Tenet Healthcare


zanner“Whether you are just starting out or growing your practice—the key activity is prospecting. Otherwise you plateau and then go downhill. Luscher gets right to the point, and keeps you focused on what should be your number one activity.” —Erick Zanner, Registered Investment Advisor, JDM Investment Counsel

What is Your Return on Investment (ROI) in Prospect & Flourish?

Indeed, the return on your investment is fairly simple to calculate. I guarantee this: if you adopt just a few approaches that you will learn throughout this book, you WILL see results.

In fact, if you are not PLEASED and EXCITED about the strategies and steps I have shown you in my book, I will refund your money. No questions asked.

Why do I say this? Because I know this to be fact: Adopt just a few steps. Practice them. Do them. Become a Prospecting Maven—and do it EVERY DAY. YOU WILL BE PLEASED, BECAUSE YOU WILL SEE THE RESULTS.

It is as certain as planting seeds in healthy soil and nurturing your crop—you WILL see a harvest. But your return on the investment is and always will be very much up to you.

Let’s be conservative and say that what you learn in this book enables you to create at least one new client relationship. Odds are your book has just paid for itself many times over.

“Anyone wishing to take their business to the next level in these challenging times can truly benefit from Prospect & Flourish. One of the habits Keith stresses in his book and the program is that of social mobility, which is being visibly active and engaged in one’s community. It’s a value that I have lived and worked by throughout my career, and one to which I owe much of my success.” —Jon Kirk, Realtor®, RE/MAX Premier Choice

The Power of One

Look beyond your first commission for that single new client, or even the first paycheck for that new job. What do you think will be the lifetime value of that one relationship? How much might you earn through serving that single entity over the lifetime of your career?

buyprospectandflourishBut wait, I’m not finished…

What about all the new relationships to whom that one first one may lead you to, as a direct result of your outstanding service, and your newly developed skills in seeking referrals? The payback on your investment grows exponentially!

How much are You Paying NOT to Prospect?

This is not just about ROI. Another important question to ask yourself is: How much are YOU PAYING right now, NOT to prospect? Consider these facts:

  • You are paying not to prospect when you share a commission in exchange for a lead (but you still do all or most of the work yourself).
  • You are paying not to prospect when you fail to seek referrals (or more often, fail to seek referrals correctly, because most people simply don’t know how to do it correctly).
  • You are paying not to prospect when you allow a client to fall through the cracks, and before you know it, they have gone somewhere else for service.
  • You are paying not to prospect when you fail to follow up on a new friend or acquaintance correctly and
    in a timely manner, despite your stated intentions to do so.
  • You are paying not to prospect when you are unable to build rapport with a prospect, simply because your listening and interpersonal communication skills are not properly honed.

The list could go on, but I hope you get my point.

baldzicki“Prospecting is the number one concern for any sales professional—or for that matter anyone who is looking for new career opportunities. That’s why I started Big Fish Networking in the first place. And I have to say, when it comes to tackling this challenging issue, Prospect & Flourish nails it better than any resource out there. Luscher takes a complex topic and keeps it simple, both in his book and in our workshops.”—Steve Baldzicki, President & Founder, Big Fish Networking

What You Get When You Order NOW…

Prospect & Flourish is divided into six primary chapters. Plus, it includes three extra bonus sections.

In this first chapter, we introduce prospecting, how it relates to marketing and selling, and explore the very nature of why we don’t do it. This isn’t theoretical nonsense. By understanding and placing within the proper context the fears and anxieties that are attached, you will learn to supplant them with an emotion even more powerful: Passion. From there, prospecting becomes a skills set that becomes second-nature.

By studying the text, completing the field assignments, you will:

  • Know the definitions of—and differences between—marketing, selling, and prospecting.
  • Know the pivotal role that prospecting plays in the success and failure of your sales career.
  • Honestly explore your own fears when it comes to prospecting for new business.
  • Develop a stronger belief and a passion for what you offer, and understand the impact your products and services have on the lives of your clients and their families.
  • Understand the powerful role that emotion plays in the sales process.
  • Learn how to become “likeable.”
  • Learn prospecting as a skill that can be made second-nature, like tying your shoelaces or riding a bike.

Prospect & Flourish is simply the most focused, and best resource on learning how to prospect I have ever seen. I highly recommend it!” —Jo Ann Florey, Branch Manager, Allied Home Mortgage


To prospect effectively, you first have to know your prospect. We will cover the essential steps of exploring your natural markets, and points to consider in uncovering other potential markets in which you can specialize. Further, with those steps completed, you will be ready to build your network.

By studying the text, completing the field assignments, you will:

  • Understand who is and who is not a prospect, and begin to focus on people with whom you can most easily connect: your natural markets.
  • Learn to uncover additional hidden opportunities by specializing with certain groups.
  • Learn the realities of networking and the difference between building contacts and building relationships.
  • Understand why some you meet will feel uncomfortable putting you in touch with everybody they know.
  • Wake up the dormant “rainmakers” that may lie hidden in your network — your centers of influence.
  • Learn step-by-step approaches to begin acquiring new prospects today through the time-tested approaches to networking.

“Keith Luscher’s ‘wedge’ strategy works! Although this isn’t the norm, one of the recipients of a recent letter, the president of the organization, organized a meeting with his leadership and me after I made the initial contact. He informed his assistant to contact me, to arrange a time for five of us to meet at once!” —Merri Bame, Executive Communication Coach, Breaking Down Barriers


“After retiring from a successful forty-year career in the life insurance business, I wasn’t ready to just play golf. I wanted to pass along to others in the industry the knowledge of how to effectively prospect for new clients. Achieving this goal required more than just having this knowledge—I needed some direct guidance and assistance in packaging it, and combining it with the input of other colleagues in the industry. This is where Keith’s service was invaluable. With Keith Luscher’s help, my resulting program and textbook, Prospect or Perish, is taking the insurance industry by storm. He is truly gifted, on many levels.” —I. David Cohen, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF; Adjunct Faculty Member, The American College


Do your eyes verge upward when asked, “What business are you in?”

Do you know the proper use of scripts and other tools professional salespeople have when prospecting for new business?

Beyond tangible tools, the image you project comes to bear on the performance you give. Master the performance, and the prospects will be yours. Further, you will:

  • Learn to identify and articulate what you do.
  • Develop your business objectives for use with a center of influence.
  • Know how to ask for help from your centers of influence and other contacts in a way that makes the process easy for them and more productive for you!
  • Understand the importance of being properly scripted before you engage prospects or centers of influence.
  • Internalize your scripts for easy delivery, as opposed to arbitrary memorization.
  • Master the art of subtext, through presentation and body language.
  • Become an expert listener!
  • Remember names of new acquaintances with greater accuracy and retention.
  • Build your structure of accountability through your personal board of advisors.

matt-palmer“A big obstacle we often face to growing our business is actually running it. We always knew we had to continuously seek out new client relationships, but until we brought Keith Luscher in as our consultant, we didn’t give this activity the focus it deserved. With Keith’s ongoing counsel and interventions, we are focused! We are growing our bottom line and have raised our sights in where we want our business to be in the years to come.” —Matthew Palmer, CFP, President, The Joseph Group Capital Management

Ultimately, sales success is all about numbers. If you decide that you want to earn a certain amount of money within a given year, you must start with that objective, and work backwards. How many “names” do you need to acquire one qualified lead? How many qualified leads does it take to arrange for one meeting? How many meetings does it take to complete one sale? Do the math and the rest will fall into place.

  • Decide your goal based on what you want, not what you think you can achieve.
  • Strengthen your discipline and persevere when you hit the wall.
  • Learn how to break large goals up into smaller, more manageable tasks.
  • Understand the concept of “stress” more clearly, how to cope with it, and make it work for you.
  • Learn about structure and the impact it has on your life.
  • Move beyond the old paradigm of “problem-solving,” to creating the results that you want for yourself.
  • Create the structure that will take you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

“When Keith Luscher first came to work for our firm back in the early nineties, one of the challenges we faced was marketing—both in doing the right things, and in doing them right. Keith played a leadership role in creating a consistent marketing structure that allowed us to take full advantage of the resources at our disposal, and has produced results. We continue to use this structure to this very day. Further, his expertise in marketing and media has proved invaluable through many highly successful client engagements spanning more than ten years.”—John Goettler, CFRE, President, Goettler Associates, Inc.

Have you ever been so satisfied, or so well served by another person or business, that you were actually excited and eager to share that experience with a friend? Wouldn’t you like your own clients to feel that way about the service they receive from you?

This is what happens when you provide outstanding service, and why it is so important to your prospecting success! It is also what creates the “tipping point” between passive, solicited referrals and personal, unsolicited introductions.

By learning the curriculum and completing the field assignments you will discover:

  • How service and prospecting go hand-in-hand.
  • The difference between great service, and “extra-ordinary” service.
  • How to objectively evaluate your own service to others.
  • The key difference between client satisfaction and client loyalty.
  • What are “Moments of Truth”—how to recognize them, and how to respond accordingly.
  • Many “out-of-the-box” ideas to provide extra-ordinary service to your clients.
  • The Eight Laws of Outstanding Service.

gardner“Keith is a multifaceted talent that has a deep understanding of how today’s business environment works. I feel his best attribute is the appreciation of the sales cycle, even in the most complex industries. He is passionate about discovering what the client needs, and figures out a way to exceed their expectations.” —Chris Gardner, Executive Recruiter, Artemis Consultants

Prospect & Flourish attacks the weakest link in the sales process, in a way that has never been done before. However, learning is just the beginning. To truly grow from what you have learned, you must do it…every day.

You will also learn ways to keep focused; to make sure that you don’t fall back into old patterns; and that you continue to focus on growth through prospecting, each and every day. To this end, you will:

  • Discover the very simple fundamental secret of short- and long-term success (Be warned—it’s not a magic pill, but surprisingly just as simple!).
  • Understand the price of freedom.
  • Review the fundamental points of each of the five previous chapters.
  • Adopt a self-guided “crash refresher course” for when you fall into old patterns.
  • Understand the principals behind effective life management (regardless of the methods you employ).
  • Maintain a balance that allows you to be the most effective person you can be for yourself, your clients, your organization, your family and your community.

Learn to put your marketing into action of SERVING YOUR PROSPECTS BEFORE THEIR CUSTOMERS. Prospect for, start and nurture new customer relationships with the steps outlined in this bonus section, especially geared for “non-marketers.”

For so many people in business, marketing communication—customer communication—is a daunting process, bringing to bear many unfamiliar disciplines and resources. Often, too much attention goes first to HOW they will say something, with not enough to the WHAT.

Define Your Message. Focus first on WHAT you want to say, rather than worrying about how you will say it. You will learn:

  • How to approach your message with a clear purpose in mind: To Serve Your Prospects!
  • How to understand (and thus refine, if necessary) the true benefit you offer, and to communicate that with greater effectiveness.
  • Learn how to develop your Unique Selling Proposition (the reason a prospect will want to talk to you) in five easy steps!

Leverage Your Media. With a compelling message and Unique Selling Proposition in place, then you may consider your various media options of how to deliver it. What do you do then?

  • Use your marketing communication tools not to sell, but to serve! Focus on helping people!
  • Make the best use of all the tools at your disposal, by learning what works best for what purpose and in what setting. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of print media, audio-video and the internet.
  • Learn to be consistent, thereby getting the most value for your investment in marketing communications.

“When we were looking for assistance in growing our organization, we interviewed several firms, most of whom reflected only a superficial understanding, recommending their standard approach to solving our problem. We hired Keith Luscher for one reason: he listened. He invested the time necessary to understand our organization, our mission, and where we were coming from. Keith asked questions we hadn’t even asked ourselves—demonstrating not only an understanding, but an investment in a shared approach.” —Julie Harmon, Ph.D., President, IMPACT Safety


When it comes to prospecting, we all know that ideally, the best way to connect with new, qualified people with whom we can discuss our business is through a common relationship—a personal introduction.

Yet we all will face situations when we would like to get into the doors of an organization, and yet, we just don’t have that connection. In business-to-business sales (or even in just searching for a new job), how can you reach the decision maker in an organization when you CANNOT contact them on a favorable basis?

Our answer: Use a wedge.

The Wedge™ is a step-by-step approach that is best applied toward a limited number of targeted, business prospects at a time. It is not a mass marketing strategy. Rather, it is a highly effective method of securing an appointment with key decision-makers—and can be used to penetrate companies of all sizes. In this BONUS section:

You get a 8-step approach—one leading directly into the other—that WILL get you through the doors of and meetings with decision makers at companies where you otherwise have no connection—GUARANTEED.

You learn how to introduce yourself on a favorable basis—and make yourself stand above your competition.

You will discover where you can go to search out and access highly detailed, and updated information on any company in the United States or Canada—and access this GOLDMINE for FREE.

You will become an expert in identifying decision makers, backed by examples on how to identify the person with whom you wish to meet.

You will learn to work with—not around—administrative assistants and gatekeepers, and make them your ally!

“When our company made a significant investment in a new tradeshow display, we knew we wanted some kind of video element to achieve maximum impact on prospects, customers and the manufacturers whose products we distribute. However, we couldn’t quite put our finger on the right solution. After one short meeting with our staff, Keith Luscher was able to recommend, design and create just the solution we needed. Tradeshows are a big part of our ongoing marketing. Thanks to his assistance, we continue to create maximum results from our investment. In fact, it’s already been copied by some of our competitors.” —Craig Peterson, Vice President, Webster Veterinary

Everyone wants to learn more about social media. Today, it is the fastest-growing way to prospect. In fact, why have web applications such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter grown so much in such a short period of time? It’s quite simple: everybody prospects.

For many people, social media is just one more way to avoid the phone. We say: don’t use it to avoid the phone–but to warm the prospect for your call. At the same time, there are many mistakes you must be careful to avoid. In this newest bonus section, you will learn tons of stuff, whether you consider yourself social media saavy or have been scratching your head for the past six months.

  • How social media specifically helps us prospect for potential employers and/or clients.
  • Specific steps on using social media to take to make asking for referrals even easier.
  • Specific mistakes to avoid that otherwise could break your career!
  • A quick, easy to follow outline of the structure and workings of LinkedIn, the most widely used web application for business sales, networking and jobs.
  • Uncover the the warm and friendly atmosphere of Facebook, and learn to discern who is there and why.
  • Solve the enigma that is Twitter…why so many people love it, and why so many more people make their first visit most often their last.
  • Learn to avoid the Twitter Trap!
  • Understand The 12 Laws of Social Media Prospecting, and why no matter the media, the laws are the same.

I’m so sure you’ll be delighted with the Prospect & Flourish that I’m offering you a 100 Percent LIFETIME GUARANTEE. If at any time, you are not pleased with your modest investment (an investment in yourself, I might add), return the product and I will refund your money.

Why would I extend such an offer to you if I weren’t completely sure that you’ll be more than happy Prospect & Flourish? Why am I THAT confident in myself and in my book?

Is it because of the step-by-step, time-tested practices that I have put down on paper for you to follow?

Is it because the knowledge and practices is required instruction for certain designations and programs within the insurance industry?

Is it because of the growing number of testimonials from novice and experienced sales professionals alike?

Or perhaps it is because I have that much faith in what I offer?

The answer is ALL OF THE ABOVE, and more. Even more important, I not only have that much faith in what I offer, I also have faith in YOU.

Further, if you’re not so happy with this guide that you want to tell others about it (except your competitors, of course!) I don’t want your money. Return it, and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

Quite simply, Prospect & Flourish challenges you to put your best suit on. It forces you to question your daily and weekly habits, and also examine your own quality of service with a spirit that reaches for improvement and greater customer value.

But more than that, I KNOW that this book and program will help you “find your groove.” You WILL discover the key strategies that PRODUCE THE BEST RESULTS for who you are, and who you serve. You NEEDN’T do everything in the book to be successful. As I say in Prospect & Flourish, the more complex, the sooner dead.

Read. Learn. Practice. Keep it simple, and you WILL increase your sales prospecting success many times over. I not only say this with confidence; I GUARANTEE IT. When you learn these strategies and internalize them, you will see that it makes perfect sense, both in logic and simplicity.

Stop Paying NOT to Prospect!
Get YOUR Copy NOW!

What’s Delaying You in Beginning the next phase of Your Career?

buyprospectandflourishIn today’s shaky economy, the value and importance of effective, successful prospecting is more vital than ever. Each day you spend in the old, unsuccessful routine, you lose money. Conservatively speaking…
  • Let’s suppose that in your business you average $500 for each new sale, and that the ratio of prospects to new clients is 10 to 1 (that’s ten prospects for each new client).
  • If your newly developed expertise in prospecting allows you to identify just five new prospects per week, working 48 full weeks in a year yields you 240 new prospects.
  • On a propsect-client ratio of 10-1, that’s 24 new clients!
  • At just $500 per new sale (NOT including the Lifetime Value of each new client), that is a total revenue increase of $12,000! At the current “sale” investment in yourself of only $10 or 25, that’s a huge return!

Join the others who have already begun becoming better prospectors, and take your career to the next level today!


Keith F. Luscher
Author, Prospect & Flourish